Top 5 Vega Conflict Tips

Vega Conflict tips

Hello today we’re talking about VEGA conflict and what strategies you have to know. It is all about taking the Galaxy back from the VEGA Corporation. You can achieve this by a building a powerful base and even stronger fleets. You are going to experience epic battles while fighting against the VEGA Corp. Below you are going to find Vega Conflict’s best practices and tips.

Complete quests!

You will always have an active quest which you can complete. The quests are located at the upper right corner of your screen. You can get taken to the quest automatically by tapping there and hit the “Find Target” button afterwards. If you focus on completing quests you will be able to much more resources. Furthermore you ensure is to always have the most important buildings.

Focus Fire on one ship

Remember this a destroyed ship can not damage your ships anymore. So the best strategy is to always have your whole fleet shooting at one target to destroy it as fast as possible. If the AI control is activated your ships start to attack the closest target to them. You should keep this in mind that you may have to switch the target after destroying a ship. For the case that during the fight one of your ships is about to get destroyed let it go back and send another one to the front line. Doing this will make it harder for your enemy to destroy it and the ship can continue doing damage.

Search the space for Cargo

Sending your troops out to find cargo thats lost in space is a great way to get additional resources. They may take some time until they find some but its worth it in the end. You just have to make sure that you only send ships that have enough space to bring back everything to your base. Once your ships will find a cargo they are shooting it open and store everything inside the ships storage.

Upgrade and Research equipment

This is one of the most important tips when it comes to battles. If you go into a battle without having all upgrades applied to your ships equipment you are much likely to lose the battle than with the upgrades. Essentially for this is to always have your research labs upgraded. Otherwise all new upgrades would be locked anyways. From time to time the research module will give you access to stronger armor and weapons for your battle ships.

You should not underestimate this tip and keep your research lab at the highest possible level all the time.

Place enough combat modules for your defense

If your base should get attacked by enemies or other players you combat modules are defending you. You should be always prepared for the next invasion as it can come every second. The Arms Lab is very important to give your base a chance to survive. As this is the place where new guns for your base are going to be researched. You should keep them upgraded also as you may lose more resources than you have to.

If these five tips were still not enough, you may read a little more about VEGA Conflict hack. This will let you become more successful in less time.